Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw

The Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw was established in 1972.
It is the oldest and most prominent management education institution in Central and Eastern Europe. The high level of teaching, research and internationalisation of the Faculty are  eflected in the rankings and assessments of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and independent institutions working to improve the quality of education.
For many years, the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw has been recognised in Eduniversal's international university ranking, whose criteria include: internationalisation of studies, accreditations, membership in international scientific associations, staff activity in the field of science and research, and the results of vote of the rectors and deans of 1,000 business schools from around the world.
The Faculty of Management has five out of five so-called Palmes of Excellence, awarded to the best universities and business departments. This is the top category, which includes the best business schools in the world with a global reach. As of 2022, we can boast of the ‘triple crown accreditation’ (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).
Since 2019, the Department has been running the Research Centre for Energy Transition, Mobility and Climate Change, with the aim of conducting research, market analysis and feasibility studies in the various areas of energy, urban and shared mobility and low-carbon transport, as well as assessing the effects of the environmental and climate transformations that accompany those processes.